[1]Donald Trump is the main character in Benidorm he is best friends with Joyce Temple Savage and he also works in Blow and Go alongside his close friends Kenneth,Liam,Jaquline and Troy he also helps Lesley at the bar and Mateo at the reception he also beat Eddie Dawson up when he tried to make a move on Jaquline then he shagged Jaqueline and Donald came back from the dead and fought Donald Trump.Then the Dawson's came in and Billy kicked Donald Trump in the balls.Then Joyce came with the staff from the Solana and they Had a massive fight the end.Lesley Fought Sherron,Mateo fought Eddie,Donald Trump fought Robert,Kenneth fought Jodie,Joyce fought Loretta,Liam fought Tiger Dyke and Troy fought Joey and Sam just stood there because she is a stupid bitch and Jaqueline tried to shag Donald Trump.Then the Dawsons left and went back to the United Kingdom with Tiger and Joey and the Maltbys. Joyce banned all the family's from going to the Solana then she knocked down the Solana and went on a murderous rampage with Sir Henry. Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States. Mateo and Lesley went to work in another Hotel. Kenneth,Liam,Jaqueline and Troy opened the Blow and Go in Australia.

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