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Gerald Dixon
Occupation Hotel assessor
First appearance Series 5, Episode 2
Last appearance Series 5, Episode 7
Duration 2012
Number of appearances 3
Played by Ian Lindsay

Gerald Dixon (better known as Mr. Dixon) is a Solana guest. He suffers with eczema and visits Kenneth's (Tony Maudsley) salon. Kenneth is training new Spanish employee, Carmen. Carmen accidentally picks up the wrong lotion to bath Mr. Dixon's hair with and brings out his eczema rash.

Mr. Dixon then attends the dancing competition practise and dancing with Madge Harvey. Cyril Babcock, the dance instructer, critisises Mr. Dixon and Madge's performance and Madge shouts at Cyril. Mr. Dixon tries to talk to Mateo Castellanos' (Jake Canuso) and Joyce Temple-Savage (Sherrie Hewson), who rudely ignore him. After Mateo has a row with Les Marshall (Tim Healy), Mr. Dixon asks for a letche, but Mateo thinks Mr. Dixon is insulting Les/Lesley and agrees to his comment.

Sam Wood (Shelley Longworth) tells Trudy (Michelle Butterly) that Mr. Dixon is younger than her, so Trudy attacks Sam. At reception, Mr. Dixon reveals to Mateo, Joyce, Les/Lesley and Liam Marshall (Adam Gillen) that he is the hotel assessor, now Barbara Simmonds (Kate O'Mara), the person who Joyce thought was the hotel assessor. Mr. Dixon points out all the things that is wrong with the Solana to Joyce and tells her they are stopping at a three star rating. Joyce says he can have her signed copy of Barbara Simmonds's book, if they can be a four star hotel. Mr. Dixon agrees to this and Joyce manages to get the Solana resort up to a four star.

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