Joyce Sinead Staines (formally Temple-Savage) is an aspiringly middle class woman who takes Janey's place as the Solana Manager. It's her mission to upgrade the hotel, but that doesn't always meet with a positive reaction from Solana CEO Crystal Hennessey-Vass.

Storylines Edit

Series 5 Edit

Joyce started working at the Solana, pretending to be a guest in order to evaluate the quality of work performed at the hotel. She thinks that work at the Solana is of very low quality and when she reveals to the staff that she is the new manager, she assembles them to raise issues. Mateo Castellanos (Jake Canuso) She fi nds out that he loves her. Joyce is flattered and starts to fancy Mateo. However, at the hotel's bar, Neptune's, Joyce says she can't be with Mateo as her an old friend Cyril, whom she still loves has arrived at the hotel and puts on a dance competition with Mateo, and has a heart attack on the floor. Joyce later finds out that a worker in the hotel is undercover for other Solana manageress Janey York (Crissy Rock). Joyce later shuts down Kenneth DuBeke's (Tony Maudsley) beauty salon in the hotel as he is two weeks late with his rent. This leads to a terrible fight between Joyce and Kenneth in reception and on the poolside,beginning with Kenneth pouring Sangria over Joyce's hair and a pillow fight and ending with Joyce punching Kenneth's two front teeth out as Barbara Simmonds (Kate O'Mara) watches in shock. In the last episode she manages to upgrade the Solana to 4 stars when she gives the hotel inspector a signed copy of Barbara Simmonds book.

Seires 6 Edit

Joyce goes on date with Beverley Westwood, but when she finds her old lover Cyril Babcock digging through the bins she then leaves Beverley and goes on a date with Cyril. She then gives Cyril a job as assistant manager however he gives all the guests food poisoning he leaves as he has but Joyce's job in danger. In the final episode the CEO of the Solana group, Crystal Hennessy-Vass (Joan Collins) arrives at the Solana demanding Joyce to down grand the Solana back to 3 stars.

Series 7 Edit

In Series 7, is given some dodge Botox by Kenneth which makes her ill. Crystal decides to whisk Joyce out to lunch to announce a 50% cut to the staff budget but Joyce refuses to make the cuts so she gets fired and replaced by her predecessor Janey York (Crissy Rock). However in the sixth episode of Series 7, Janey goes to work at another hotel and gives Joyce her job back.

Series 10 - Wedding Edit

In Series 10 Joyce married Monty Staines.

Character creationEdit

After the former manageress of the Solana Resort Janey York played by Crissy Rock is axed, actress Sherrie Hewson joined the cast of Benidorm as new manageress Joyce.[1] She commented: "I have watched and loved it from the very beginning. My character is so brilliantly written that I can’t wait to start filming.They need to work on her look although it reflects on my emotions, since I am emo, I like how she normally wears dark eye shaddow.[1]