This is a list of characters from the ITV comedy-drama Benidorm ordered by the year in which they made their final appearance. For a full list of present characters, see the list here.

Past charactersEdit

Character Actor Duration==Last apeared in 2012==
Gerald Dixon Ian Lindsay 2012
Barbara Simmonds Kate O'Mara 2012 5x7
Mohammed Mohammed Dhafer L'Abidine 2012 5x4-5x6
Pete Garvey Shaun Dooley 2012 5x3
Stan Garvey David Bradley 2012 5x3
Jack Elliott Jordan 2008–09, 2012 2x6-Sx1 , 5x2
Cyril Babcock Matthew Kelly 2012 5x2 , 6x?-
Gavin Ramsbottom hugh Sachs 2007-2012 1x1-5x7
Janey York Chrissie rock 2007-2011 , 2012 1x1-4x6 , 5x6

Past charactersEdit

Character Actor Duration===Last appeared in 2011===
Character Actor Duration
Troy Ramsbottom Paul Bazely 2007-11
Lucky Kev Neil Fitzmaurice 2011
Natalie Jones Kathryn Drysdale 2011
Pauline Mamhmoud Selina Griffiths 2011
Johnny Neptune Ian Reddington 2011
Mr. Pink Melvyn Hayes 2011
Scary Mary Denise Welch 2011
Cilla Black Herself 2011

Past charactersEdit

Character Actor Duration===Last appeared in 2010===
Su Pollard Herself 2010 Sx2
Clive Brian Murphy 2010 Sx2
Marvin Louie Spence 2010 Sx2


Last appeared in 2009Edit

Present charactersEdit

Character Actor Duration
Character Actor Duration
Mel Harvey Geoffrey Hutchings 2008–09
Chantelle Garvey Hannah Hobley 2007–09
Coolio Garvey Unknown 2008-09
Geoff Maltby Johnny Vegas 2007–09
Wink McAndrew Stuart McGugan 2009
Kate Weedon Abigail Cruttenden 2007–08, 2009
Diana Una Stubbs 2009
Gary Snelling Robin Askwith 2009
Brandy Sheridan Smith 2009
Deputy Mayor Keith Barron 2009
Enrique Lopez Christopher Sciueref 2009

Present charactersEdit

Character Actor Duration===Last appeared in 2008===
Character Actor Duration
Dorothy Margi Carke 2008
Kelly Niky Wardley 2007–08
Sylvia Wendy Richard 2008

Present charactersEdit

Character Actor Duration===Last appeared in 2007===
Character Actor Duration
Con Woman Ella Kenion 2007

Future CharactersEdit

Character Actor Year & Series
Bianca Dyke Bel Powley 2014 (Series 6)
Clive Dyke Perry Benson 2014 (Series 6)
Tiger Dyke Danny Walters 2014 (Series 6)
Tonya Dyke Hannah Waddingham 2014 (Series 6)
TBA Philip Olivier 2014 (Series 6)
TBA Ken Morley 2014 (Series 6)

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