Mateo Castellano

First Appearance

Series 1, Episode 1

Last Appearance

Series 10, Episode 9

Episode Count



Jake Canuso




Daria Castellano (wife)
Mateo Castellanos Jr (son)
Alfonzo Castellanos (son)
Diego Castellanos (son)
Gabriella Castellanos (daughter)
Dolares (mother-in-law)
Unnamed (sister-in-law)


Kelly (ex-fiancé)
Kate Weedon
Natalie (ex-fiancé)
Troy Ramsbottom

Mateo Castellanos is a very handsome man he's the only one who can speak Spanish normally you would see him by the bar in the pool where he's known to talk to any female women and he does take an interest in men as well and boys.

Do you understand what he's saying Edit

Considering he's the only one who can actually speak Spanish I can understand what he's saying at all times you have to be very careful what you say to him because if not he can get his own way at times.

What did Mateo say to Leslie Edit

Mateo Castellano said that his home life was horrible he did tell Leslie that he has to get out off there while he can it's because of his mother in law she tried to stop him breathing so many times she hates him for leaving his wife and his kids.

Mother In Law Edit

Mateo doesn't get along very well with his mother in law when he returned to his Visa on his motorbike he saw that the door was open and went inside he got his suitcase and started to pack his things to start a new life. Mateo opened another door only to find his Mother In Law waiting for him she then pointed a loaded gun at him and then tied him up with tape to stop him from breathing. it took many people to call him the first one was Leslie he didn't hear anything then Kenneth had a message from him saying "Come to my Visa she try to kill me". it took Leslie, Kenneth and Liam who said "Call the Police".

Personality Edit

Mateo Castellanos is a very sexy and handsome man he's a sweet talker when it comes to women he's often by the bar in the pool serving customers but when there's women involved he stops working when his boss catches him doing something he isn't supposed to be doing he tries to talk to his way out off it but when he does he always says something that gets him in hot water.

Relationships Edit

Mateo fallen in love with Kelly and nearly went onto marry her but instead he slept with Martin's wife that led Kelly to get upset and hit Mateo. When Mateo said "Did you see where the ring went" Kate who slept with Mateo then hit him and walked off. Mateo did fall in love with (Brandy) but she then seduces him and steals his Pass Key. Mateo did also fall in love with Natalie who's into (Liam Conroy) and (Sam)'s friend. it's known that in Series 1 Mateo Jumped on (Troy Ramsbottom) he does like women and he does like men too.

Mateo is the one too look out for he even entered Britain's Got Talent with his other friends they called themselves Los Chorizo's and did the song (Let's get ready to rumble) Edit

New Arrival Edit

Jason Gallagher is a new arrival in Benidorm he asked (Mateo) if there was any jobs vacancies going here Mateo didn't understand him. Jason Gallagher is Liverpuldian and we find out later on that he's the only Nephew to (Janey Yorke) Then there's another new arrival of Lloyd Yorke and it's known that he is the only son to (Janey Yorke) and that (Janey Yorke) is Lloyd's mother.

Does Janey Yorke Like Mateo, Lloyd or Jason Edit

Janey Yorke likes Lloyd because she can trust him she doesn't like Mateo that much well not in that way. She doesn't even like Jason either. Janey Yorke thinks that Mateo is a bad influence on her only son and she also thinks that Jason is also a bad influence on Lloyd as well. Because Janey Yorke likes it when her son goes to her about anything Lloyd Yorke is the golden kid to her.