Series 1 Episode 1 was the First episode of the First Series of Benidorm. It aired on February 11th 2007 on ITV 1.

Plot: Its a Change over day at the Solana and the New Holidaymakers chek in. A First middle class couple named Katie and Martin check into the hotel, while husband Martin is keen to make the most of the holiday, Katie becomes dissapointed quickly. The MGarvey family who have already checked into the Hotel, Janice and Mick along with there children Chantelle and Micheal, includeing Janices mother Madge. Chantelle is heavily Pregnant and Madge insults her continuously, Katie and Martin be friends a couple: Donald and Jacqueline Stuart. Katie becomes annoyed and uncomfortable with the Stuarts way of life, Micheal nearly drowns in the Pool but is saved by The Oracle. On the night out, Martina and Katie search for a Bar qand accidently stumble into a Pub, where Sticky Vicky (an Erotic Magician) is performing, Katie becomes disgusted and falls out with Martin over an act Martin voulenteerd to do during Sticky Vickies performance, Mick brings a TV into the MGarvies apartment and learn that it is a Venidng Television, while returning to there apartment Katie and Martin discover there Television is missing.

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