Series 7



Filming Started

March 2014

Filming Ended

June 2014

Began to air

2 January 2015

Benidorm Series 7
The Seventh Series of Benidorm consisted of 7 episodes that each ran for 45 minutes. The series first aired on ITV 1 on January 2nd 2015. The series ended on February 13th 2015.

Cast Changes

Mick Garvey departed. Janice Garvey departed. Micheal Garvey departed. Madge Harvey departed.

Goofs Edit

  • In episode 1, Tiger calls Clive in the morning after his friend robbed him, and Clive gets a flight to Alicante and arrives at the Solana in the afternoon of the same day, however it is highly unlikely he would have been able to get a flight and even if he did it wouldn't arrive until late at night or the early hours of the next morning.
    • It is also unlikely that he would have been able to get a room at the Solana during peak season at such short notice.